The Project

We bring you the voice of risk takers inspiring others –you, your friends, your family- to speak up, search out and follow their dreams. If you have passion, a dream, an idea, a calling, this is for you. We’re not auto-tuning the sound of their gutsy. We don’t play by any rules, because there are no rules to being a risk taker. We’re just trying to tell you, you’re not alone. You’re part of The Project now.

The Green Couch began a new chapter of a new business. Now, The Couch is a symbol of motivation. Future and fellow entrepreneur, what will your symbol be? No idea is too small. No idea is too big. Your story can start with a couch, too. What’s your gut telling you? Take a risk. Take the pinky promise, and start believing and achieving your dreams.

Want to turn that gut feeling into gutsy? BrandStarter is the next chapter to your new business. Brand your big ideas.

The Couch

Entrepreneurs have a seat; it’s not an interview, it’s an interaction. We ask you a question, sure, but we’re giving you a channel to Spill Your Gutsy™. So what does that even mean? Now there’s a good question.

What made you want to be an entrepreneur? Venture out on your own? Build a brand? What makes you a risk-taker? What makes you get up in the morning? Stay up all night?

The next generation of dreamers depends on us following ours today. No matter how old we get, no matter how long we’re in the business, an entrepreneur never stops growing. What if you could reach the masses just by sitting on a couch? You can. Others have. Now it’s your turn.