You Believed In Us.

What you see is what you get through our Green Couch partners:

Pushing photography and lighting to the limit, Certified Photographer Melanie Anderson makes every angle a piece of art. The passion and focus of her nationally recognized work and team have brought you the stunning stills capturing the essence of the participants and the authenticity of The Green Couch. We are honored to have her enthusiastic professional contribution and that she chose to snap images of our vision, as well as being a Green Couch participant.

We want to pause for a moment to thank Rick, from Digital Bard, who enabled all of us to hit play and see The Green Couch Project in action. From recording every gutsy moment to filming the videos we visually get to appreciate, there is definitely zest every time as, on site, Digital Bard builds relationships to build an audience.Their creative process crafts dynamic, influential videos that have been produced at a national level through the motivation and experience of co-owners Whitney Hahn and Araminta Finn.