You know the Drill.

If every stage is a risk, do you have the guts to be a taker?


Aha! A big idea grows in your brain and won’t let go; but that’s a good thing, because now you have a glimpse of an entrepreneur’s spirit. Butterflies are released in your gut when you envision how you’ll make a difference when you pursue this newfound passion.

Ideas in Motion

Your time turns into planning; your planning turns to paper. You define what it is you’re doing: What is your product and service? You stay up all night, create all day and turn your idea from nothing into something – a brand, business, product- that, before, never existed.

Mental Scramble

You overthink your dream. The voice in the back of your head starts screaming, it’s too much! I’ve risked it all! I don’t have enough. What if it fails? What if it succeeds and I fail?

Thumbs Down

The excitement fades and you bury the life of your big idea. Overwhelmed with tasks the momentum has stopped. Everything is at a standstill and you’ve allowed yourself to move on without your big idea.

Repeat stages 1-4

The cycle repeats. Your big idea resurges. Something you see inspires you to flex your fingers and resuscitate your Aha! Stage. It might be a new idea, venture or product and once again your brain just can’t let go.

If you are in The Scramble or Thumbs Down Stage know that Aha! and Ideas in Motion Stages are right around the turn. The negative cycle shouldn’t deter you from acting on an idea; the doubts will come but are now aware how to recognize them and jump out the safety net learning to fly on the way down.

Did you know there was a 2-year postponement from when the Aha! Stage of The Green Couch Project became an Idea in Motion Stage?