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The Couch

Entrepreneurs have a seat; it’s not an interview, it’s an interaction. We ask you questions, sure, but we’re giving you a channel to spill your gutsy. So what does that even mean? Now there’s a good question. Through film, photo and paper we catch the spillage of your gutsy. Bold, courageous, daring, adventurous: That’s gutsy. What inspires you?

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Spill Your Gutsy

We bring you the voice of risk takers inspiring others –you, your friends, your family - to speak up, search out and follow their dreams. If you have passion, a dream, an idea, a calling, this is for you. We’re not auto-tuning the sound of their gutsy. We don’t play by any rules, because there are no rules to being a risk taker. We’re just trying to tell you, you’re not alone. You’re part of The Project now.

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You Know the Drill.

An entrepreneur’s Aha! Stage is like falling in love at first sight. It fills your gut with butterflies and you say to yourself; this is right, this is the idea that’s going to succeed. But after time, your planning that turned to paper now turns into a mental scramble. What if it fails? What if the spark doesn’t last? You move on and your Big Idea doesn’t. Does this sound familiar?

So how can you Green Couch it? How can you be a risk-taker, get some Aha! back in your big idea and take it to the next stage? By starting here…

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